Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Skinny Bums!  This blog is in conjunction with Large Bummies and Average Bummies as we look for diapers that will fit our babies' shapes the best.  Let me start by telling you about my son's shape.  At 12 months, he is 31 inches tall and barely 20 pounds - very tall and thin!  This has brought surprising challenges in cloth diapering.  He's got a little pot belly, skinny hips and bum, and little skinny legs.  He is super active all the time, so he burns off almost everything he eats - the rest goes to shooting up like a beanpole!  So cloth diapers that are designed with bigger legs sometimes gap at the legs and we get leaks.  Also, because of his lil' belly and tiny hips, we've had a hard time finding a side snapping diaper that would work, since they usually just slide down to his hips and leave huge gaps at the legs.

So join me as I look for the best way to find cloth diapers to fit my son's skinny bum!

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