Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sizing DOWN??

Yep, you read it correctly.  I've decided we're sizing DOWN in our FuzziBunz Perfect Size diapers.  I thought my little one had outgrown them, but I guess not.  We were having problems in the Mediums with the legs gapping, no matter how tight I did the snaps.  I even converted a few to one-size with adjustable elastic! (Works great, tutorial to come later.)  But after that, out of sheer curiosity, I pulled one of my Smalls out from storage and gave it another try.  It fit perfectly.

Fuzzibunz estimates that the smalls will fit until 8 months or 18 pounds.  My little one is a year old and 20 pounds.  And we still have two snaps to go on the waist.  Who knew?  The rise is a bit low right  now, but because of his little pot belly and skinny hips, diapers with a lower rise work better for us right now so they don't slide down.

It looks like we will get some more use out of our Small Fuzzibunz!  I have always been a fan of their Perfect Size diapers and am glad that I figured out what was going on with sizing!  Now if I could just find a side snapping diaper that would fit him, that would be exciting!

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