Friday, August 12, 2011

Evolution diapers!

I recently got my hands on an Evolution ION.  The Evolution ION is a one-size side-snapping diaper that adjusts with buttonhole elastic at the legs and waist.  They even recently got the patent on buttonhole elastic!  And the best part?  The ION fits my son's skinny bum like a dream.  Since the leg elastic is adjustable, rather than snaps, I can always get the perfect fit.  It seems to get around his lil' belly, he needs a lower rise.  No problem!

Also, the hemp insert makes it super duper trim.  I'm talking, "What happened to my son's fluffy butt?" trim.

The side snaps make for a trim, clean look in front.  The buttonhole elastic also gives a clean look in front since there are no snaps in the front to adjust the rise!

It fits around his legs SO well.  No gaps, no leaks.

The fit on this diaper is basically ideal.  No problems with leaking due to fit, though we did have an issue overnight - he leaked out of the back of all places.  I think it may have something to do with the Coolmax lining.  I have mixed feelings about the Coolmax fabric.  First of all, it's made from recycled plastic bottles, which is great!  Second, it keeps his temperature down inside the diaper.  Another plus!  This makes it really an excellent diaper for summer.  I don't have to worry about him getting too hot.  However, Coolmax isn't so amazing in the stay-dry department.  Microfleece and suedecloth are not great for keeping baby cool, but they sure do keep baby dry!  Every time I take the ION off, though, it still seems damp.  It does dry very quickly out of the dryer, though.

Conclusion?  Though the Evolution ION is not super stay-dry, it gives incredible fit thanks to the buttonhole elastic.  I love that it's made in the USA, and for a GREAT price!  You can either buy it from their website, or my affiliate, Kelly's Closet!

I was not compensated for this post, though I do have an affiliate link for Kelly's Closet.  I purchased the Evolution Ion on my own and was not provided one for this review.

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  1. Sarah, cute baby and cute diaper! I know this is an old post. But you commented on my blog and I don't know how to contact you. If you really want those shorts, email me: sabragubler at gmail You can have them. They are just sitting in my sewing space, mocking me. :)